Spring 2014

The Pitkin Review is a print publication, but we also like to stay connected with readers through cyberspace. With each issue, The Pitkin Review publishes several pieces online, either as “Web Exclusives,” or as previews from the print edition as chosen by our Editors.

Web Exclusives (Online Only):

MaryEllen Letarte / Generations of Peas / Poetry
Theresa Barker / Your Table is Ready / Fiction

Editors’ Picks (Print and Online):

Thomas Park / The Many Disguises My Ass Employs / Poetry
Douglas Brian Craig / The Betrayal of Alice (an excerpt) / Fiction

Other Content (Print and Online):

Read the “Editor’s Note” from The Pitkin Review Editor-in-Chief, Marty Stegner.
See a complete listing of the Spring 2014 Pitkin Review staff here.

Contents of the Print Edition:

Deborah Mashibini / Ice / Visual Art
Melissa Franic / The Button / Non-Fiction
Douglas Andrew Smith / Meditation / Fiction
Liz Kellebrew / Philip K. Dick and China Mieville – Dancing in Dual Realities / Critical Commentary
Thomas Park / The Many Disguises My Ass Employs / Poetry
Maria S. Picone / Goddard Berries and Trees / Visual Art
Kelly Hedglin Bowen / Melted / Non-Fiction
Liz Kellebrew / Skydiver / Fiction
Esther Albrecht / Old Folks Home / Drama
Deborah Mashibini / New Boots / Poetry
Maria S. Picone / Sydney Opera House Interior / Visual Art
MaryEllen Letarte / He Remembers SOS / Poetry
Douglas Brian Craig / The Betrayal of Alice / Fiction
Camille Schmoutz / Bergerock / Drama
Katherine Abrams / Sway / Poetry
Kelly Hedglin Bowen / Snow Showers / Visual Art
Cover design by Kelly Hedglin Bowen

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